About us

The StreetDome is the essence of a bunch of dedicated skaters who set a goal
about getting a skateboard park to Haderslev, and a municipality who dared to believe in them.

The 'Dome is a street sports mecca for the whole family. You will not find it elsewhere in Denmark.
Here you can ride on skateboard, scooter, roller skates and BMX bikes.
You can also do parkour, climbing and bouldering. Everything inside and out.

The primary, external living zones, at the silo and Iglo,
lies naturally facing south to the waterfront.

At the inauguration in 2014, StreetDome was visited by some of Denmark's best bowlers,
along with a handful of world's best in the street sports world,
showing tricks on skateboards, roller skates, rock climbing and BMX bikes.

So remember your own equipment and try the many ramps, ledges, grinds and climbing walls you'll find in the area.